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Art and Love: Famous couples of artists who created masterpieces

They say that there is no more reliable and direct way to a broken heart and tattered nerves than an artist's love, but what happens if one artist falls in love with another? Some manage to live happily till the grave, others become frustrated, endlessly converging and diverging, while others quarrel and never want to see and hear each other again. But whatever the outcome of the relationship, under inspiration from such creative unions some of the best works of art of such artists were born.

We offer to get acquainted with three world-famous pairs of artists who entered history and because of their turbulent relations, and thanks to jointly created masterpieces.

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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

The love story of two artists, which began as a romance between a teacher and a student, is as colorful as the works of their art. Artists who consolidated their union by marriage in 1929, united interest in the policy of communism, love of painting and sincere respect for the creativity of the partner. After 10 years of marriage, the couple divorced, as Frida found out that Diego was cheating on her with her own sister Christina. Despite the fact that Rivera was glorified as the greatest living Mexican artist, he always considered Frida more talented than himself. Their relationship continued until Frida's death in 1954, and Diego described the event as the most tragic moment in his life.

Alfred Stiglitz and Georgia O'Keefe

Stiglitz met O`Keefe when he was already at the zenith of fame. Twenty-year-old photographer was for a young artist more than just a partner - he was also a creative educator and adviser of O'Keefe. He was the first who exposed her abstract drawings and helped her to turn into a respected artist, which she was destined to become. True, the artistic successes of O'Keefe eventually took her from New York to New Mexico, so the relationship of the couple until the death of Stiglitz in 1946 consisted of love correspondence. The result of this relationship is are 20 thousand letters, which became the book “My Faraway One: Selected Letters of Georgia O'Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz”

Pablo Picasso and Francoise Gilot

Pablo Picasso's artistic interest in the image of women arose thanks to many women in his life, whom the pioneer of cubism called his muses. Perhaps the most important muse was his long-time partner Françoise Gilot. When Picasso saw her at the restaurant of Gilot, he tried to seduce her with a plate of cherries. Despite the fact that 21-year-old Gilot was still a student, she was already a fairly well-known and respected artist. Formally, Picasso was still married to Maria Theresa Walter, this did not stop him from starting a relationship with Gilot, lasting ten years, and becoming the father of her two children. Their relationship could not be called smooth, but they inspired each other – Gilot for all 10 years was the muse of Picasso, and his work influenced the appeal of Gilot to Cubism.