We provide finance structuring and consulting services to commercial real-estate owners, developers and investors. We are equally focused on both debt and equity markets providing a unique perspective on each transaction and enabling transaction structuring alternatives to address rapidly changing markets. Our comprehensive platform is supported by extensive research, in-depth knowledge, innovative thinking and access to capital. We provide a fully integrated service across construction, permanent, mezzanine, bridge and participating financings, often syndicating capital to achieve the appropriate combination of equity and debt. Allied to our ability to leverage the resources and expertise of other Benelux Capital group companies, our long-standing position in both debt and equity markets provides in-depth coverage of traditional lenders and investors together with emerging sources of capital.

We provide access to a full range of commercial financing products and services to commercial real estate owners, developers, business owners and franchisees. We structure financing for a variety of properties and businesses within the hospitality, healthcare, office, retail, wholesale, industrial, manufacturing and service sectors as well as specialty use commercial real estate. We make a point of helping business and property owners and investors properly capitalize and maximize business opportunities and concepts providing a dedicated customer service approach which is both clear and focused. We boast a fast review and approval process providing quick initial feedback and facilitating rapid funding.

Solutions Include:

COMMERCIAL LOANS ~ long-term permanent loans for acquisition, construction and re-financing of commercial real estate and all income-producing properties.

FRANCHISE FINANCING ~ acquisition and re-financing of fee or leasehold interests featuring long-term, fully amortizing, fixed or floating rate financing and highly flexible programs that value a business and not just the hard assets.

BUSINESS LOANS ~ long-term fixed rate financing for a variety of business operators providing funds for expansion, acquisition or simply to enhance returns on capital

CONDUIT FIXED-RATE AND FLOATING-RATE LOANS – Fixed rate terms up to 20 years, amortization 15, 20, 25 or 30 years, floating rate loans provided with terms from 1 to 5 years on both stabilized and non-stabilized properties, available for most property types – office, industrial, retail, multifamily, hospitality and healthcare.

CONSTRUCTION AND INTERIM – construction loans, lines of credit, land acquisition and development loans, bridge and gap financing for most property types.

PERMANENT MORTGAGE - Securitized Loans (CMBS), Agency (Fannie Mae DUS, Freddie Mac, and FHA/HUD), and Institutional Placements.

PROJECT EQUITY AND MEZZANINE – access to multiple capital sources with investor capital and competitive structures for virtually all market rate or tax-advantaged property types.

INVESTMENT BANKING - capabilities in M&A advisory and public debt and equity.

ASSET MANAGEMENT - broad opportunities suited to various investment objectives.

SYNDICATED FINANCE - ability to underwrite and syndicate large transactions.

DERIVATIVES - interest rate swaps, caps, collars, floors, and others.

FINANCING TERMS and rates are market driven and vary based on property type and quality. Variable and fixed rates are available.

All real estate transactions require the appropriate combination of equity and debt. From the conventional to the creative, our ability to provide tailored solutions for construction, permanent, bridge, mezzanine and participating financings is unmatched. In addition, we continually embrace new products and market developments, allowing our clients to capitalize on cutting-edge innovations. We recognize that individual needs and motivations determine the appropriate financing. Understanding our clients' objectives, we identify, evaluate and structure the most effective capitalization options for their projects. We not only assess current property operations, but also address repositioning strategies that enhance asset value and maximize appeal to capital sources.


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