What Sets Us Apart?

Market knowledge, industry expertise, quantitative strength and innovation are all typical qualities that allow us to work closely with our clients to secure debt, equity and bank capital and develop cutting edge strategies tailored to the marketplace and the unique characteristics of each industry sector. Extensive market knowledge adds value to our clients capital raising decisions. Industry expertise complemented by extensive research and analysis provides industry specific knowledge second to none. Dedication and quantitative strength in developing innovative financing solutions is demonstrated by the specialized skills of our team. Expertise and comprehensive global capability enable us to create entirely new strategies and pioneer new markets.


Strategic banking alliances offer our clients access to extensive retail brokerage networks and comprehensive penetration of middle-market and large-market institutions worldwide. Global reach and structuring capability ensure superior performance on all types of equity issue in both developed and emerging markets.


Our strategic alliances provide access to the world's preeminent fixed income platforms. Global fixed income breadth enables complex financings to be executed in multiple currencies and facilitates securities distribution to institutional and retail investors around the world. Seamless integration of fixed-income underwriting, sales and trading, research, risk management and foreign exchange management allows clients to leverage extensive financial resources and broaden their options in bringing a debt or bank loan issue to market. Investment grade bonds, preferred stock, high yield, mortgage backed securities, tax exempt securities, asset backed/structured finance, tax and lease finance, emerging markets, eurobonds and yankee bonds are all fixed income categories in which our clients can benefit from innovation and experience.


Emerging and undervalued companies are particularly challenged in their development cycle. As additional expenditure exceeds forecasted budgets, these companies can become vulnerable and exposed particularly in highly competitive marketplaces. Profit and growth potential can be severely disarmed. We are highly focused in recognizing such conditions and demonstrate faculty and expertise in facilitating financial recuperation and stability. Once these fundamentals are restored, maintained and consistent growth can be realised.


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