We identify and introduce equity capital to start, develop or transform privately held companies demonstrating significant growth potential.

We seek to work with companies that are run by exceptional executives with proven track records who have what it takes to build a great business. We introduce the equity they need to realize their goals for the business they are managing. This can take the form of a recapitalization, a full or partial buyout, or an equity infusion. We also identify and introduce equity to join forces with a CEO and management group to form a new company in an industry sector they know well, acquire a business in that sector and then implement a carefully planned growth strategy to build a much larger company. We identify and introduce equity which has wide industry and geographic coverage, concentrating on growth opportunities in developed markets and focusing on later stage development capital financings in emerging economies.

Our current focus is on:

Technology-Enabled Services

Business Process Outsourcing

Information Management Systems

Enterprise Software

IT Infrastructure

Network Hardware and Software


Wireless Technology

Distribution and Logistics

Healthcare Services

We seek businesses demonstrating exceptional growth potential. Particular emphasis is placed on companies which serve large markets and which predict significant forecasted revenues, specifically companies which offer innovative/best in class solutions and/or products possessing superior proprietary technology, with international growth potential, whose product/services can demonstrate sustainable competitive advantage and who boast exceptional management teams.  


Our Value:

Our extensive industry network helps our client companies succeed.

A large part of the value we bring to our client companies is our depth of contacts at Private Equity firms and other key global institutions. Our client company support includes:

  • A formal program of introductions and meetings with key decision-makers
  • Sharing our market intelligence to increase sales and create strategic partnerships

Our communication program enhances informed decision making for our clients and our firm.

We cultivate active relationships and maintain ongoing communication with our Private Equity and industry network to:

  • Identify and share emerging global trends
  • Create a forum for ongoing idea exchange
  • Enhance diligence for more effective decision-making

Our working relationships with leading investment professionals worldwide maximises our clients prospects

We maintain close relationships with the leading venture capital and private equity professionals globally .

We take an active approach and employ practical strategies to help build equity value for our client companies by:

  • Introducing client companies to equity capital partners and key global financial partners
  • Identifying key members of management
  • Identifying synergistic mergers and acquisitions

Our unmatched partner network, strategic relationships, industry understanding and transactional expertise combine to create the Benelux Capital advantage

Our Value


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