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How Should Lovebirds Arrange a New Apartment

The first experience of living together is a real test for single girls online, who are faced with the issue of the harmonious coexistence of two different personalities in the same territory. We decided to find out how a young couple should properly equip a small love nest and not to harm a tender relationship at the same time.

Difficulties of translation

Most young couples who come together for the first time do not have the opportunity to rent, let alone buy comfortable accommodation with many rooms. Therefore, the first love nest is usually very small and compact. The design of a small interior for a young couple is not an easy task: after all, it is necessary to consider absolutely opposite interests and wishes, to enter completely different images. It is worth starting with a small one - getting rid of unnecessary personal trash. The abundance of old and not-so-important things is the enemy number one of a comfortable and stylish interior.

Personal Space

Particular attention, according to psychologists, should be given to the arrangement of personal territory in the apartment. Young people, who first come together, begin to dissolve in each other under the influence of tender feelings and euphoric emotions. But time passes, and such relations begin to weigh down.

Therefore, it is so important to give each other the opportunity to be "alone". For example, women like to stand in front of a mirror a lot. And they do not want anyone to see it, let alone a loved one. The main emphasis should be placed on ensuring that each of the partners in the apartment has its own territory, on which one can relax, retire. And it does not matter whether this place is separated by a wall or not, the main thing is for the second partner to know that you cannot enter here without a knock.

Zone of Unity

In addition to personal spaces, the territory of communication and unity should be in the house. In other words, it is necessary to designate and equip an apartment in a flat where partners can sit down and calmly talk about some joint plans or discuss problems.

In a small apartment this is a question of versatility, for example, a kitchen is not only a place where people cook and eat, but also a potential venue for debates and negotiations. And it is important that this zone is located in a room not related to sleep or with some kind of love-intimate things. It is worth emphasizing that the discussion of any problems should take place in this place and not be transferred to other areas of the house.

Color ABC

It is not easy to choose the color and pattern of wallpaper for beginners. One wants a wall to be painted with flowers, and another wants it to look like a chessboard. It is important not to go to extremes. Agree, a bright pink kitchen with lace curtains is hardly adequate in an apartment for two, and a lot of chrome surfaces and a monochrome gamma will not suit every female.