As an enterprise develops and grows the need for additional capital is intense. In the start-up and early stages of development there is a significant risk of failure and absence of a long term track record. It is unlikely that there will be a large asset base and there will usually be only limited ability to provide bank security or to generate surplus cash to pay loan interest. The business will require all of its resources to develop its business model.

As a company matures and establishes a track record, it may well seek additional finance to expand operations or develop a new product line or market. Although it may well be suitable for bank financing, further equity would remove the burden of early interest payments and make the venture even more profitable.

Benelux Venture Partners will invest private equity alongside management to start, develop or transform privately held companies demonstrating significant growth potential. Typically, Benelux Venture Partners will make medium to long term investments in unquoted companies in start-up, early development stage, later development stage and for management buy-out or restructuring. Benelux Venture Partners primarily derives its income from capital gains when the investment is realized, either by selling the stock to founders or by floating the company on a stock exchange.

Benelux Venture Partners personnel possess industrial management and financial engineering skills helping to stimulate viable and sustained growth in the private sector. In later stage development financings, financial engineering ability is of prime importance while with earlier stage capital, extensive knowledge of marketing, manufacturing and R & D management all improve investment success.

Benelux Venture Partners invests and co-ordinates funds which have wide geographical coverage, concentrating on early stage and expansion capital opportunities in developed markets and focusing on later stage development capital financings in emerging economies.

Benelux Venture Partners invests and advises funds in various sectors including technology, communications, energy production and distribution, biotechnology and healthcare, regional growth and new technology.

The current fund, The Benelux Millennium Technology Fund 1, invests in start-up and early stage technology and communications enterprises demonstrating exceptional growth potential. Particular emphasis is placed on companies predicting significant forecasted revenues, specifically companies with products and/or services possessing superior proprietary technology, with international growth potential, whose product/services can demonstrate sustainable competitive advantage and who boast exceptional management teams. 

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