Benelux Capital Partners will usually adopt a procedure dependent upon the nature and type of the financing transaction in question. 

All Business Plans and transaction-related documents received by us are reviewed and, if the proposal seems attractive, we will respond to all serious enquiries within two weeks with an expression of our level of interest. We will often hold an initial meeting with management to assist in our evaluation. Our team at this stage will usually consist of a Director and one or two analysts. If the results of initial evaluation are positive we will typically commence initial due diligence focused on the critical issues. After some positive due diligence, an outline proposal describing the manner in which we are prepared to consider participating in the financing will be put forward. If the proposal is acceptable in principle, we will set up an Approval Committee for the transaction in order to commence detailed due diligence. The Approval Committee will usually consist of three Directors. 

At this stage we may seek an agreement to work exclusively on the project. The detailed due diligence will typically involve our staff assisted by external industry experts. Due diligence is not a linear process; work on each area will be carried out concurrently to ensure a timely response. The evaluation of management is always a key part of the process and the team may be required to meet a wider group of Directors. We may additionally commission an accountants report and legal review to complete due diligence.

The time that we need to move from initial contact to a positive decision ranges from a few weeks to a few months and is largely dependent upon the nature of a transaction and the co-operation of the company and its advisors. 

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Benelux Capital Partners does not sign non-disclosure agreements or similar. Our reputation depends upon our professionalism and ability to maintain the trust of the entrepreneurs and enterprises with whom we have worked previously We receive so many Business Plans that it is impractical to deal with a non-disclosure agreement in each instance.

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