Low Start Market Maker

The “low start” Market Maker ~  £1 billion allocated exclusively to the UK property market

4.95% p.a. including lender’s margin

                  “low start” interest rate

rising to 5.95% after 6 years


30 year fixed interest loan

With lender’s only breaks after 6 years (without penalty)

Minimum loan £5 million—no maximum

     The rate is a function of the money market and can fluctuate daily

     The above is based on a fixing on 3rd July 2007


Case History

£20.4 million refinance

Security: well-spread residential investment/student accommodation portfolio

Objective: With a low start fixed interest rate loan of 4.75% (including lenders margin) for the first 6 years—the net income serviced a substantially higher loan to value than the investor’s previous lender

*This loan drew down Jan 2007 hence the lower interest rate

Suitable Securities:

† Quality residential investment portfolios including student accommodation

† Modern student accommodation purpose-built blocks

† Quality well spread commercial portfolios

† Single assets let to quality tenants with long term (25 years plus) leases

† Housing Association and Primary Health Care Trust Portfolios

† Hotels and Leisure with long term tenant commitments




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