Benelux Trade Finance is able to offer clients enhanced value and cost savings in Import, Export and Standby Letter of Credit services through its strategic alliances with internationally recognized institutions enabling Benelux Trade Finance clients to benefit from the most comprehensive tools and state of the art technology available in today’s marketplace together with continuous investment in infrastructure.

In today's expanding global marketplace, Letters of Credit play a vital role in settling international trade transactions. In the world of international trade, Benelux Trade Finance and its clients benefit from having banking partners with the technological sophistication, expertise, global reach and financial strength to shoulder the risks of doing business across borders. A global network of Letter of Credit processing centers offers Benelux Trade Finance clients the ability to streamline trade transactions and reduce costs.

Benelux Trade Finance is strategically positioned through its affiliations with leading global clearing and trade finance partners to help clients overcome the challenges and reap the benefits presented by the ever changing global market place. Commitment to economic growth in emerging markets is demonstrated by specific trade finance products which have been designed to target these opportunities

The following trade finance products and services are available to clients:

  • Export/Import Finance

  • Structured Trade Finance

  • Export Credit Agency Backed Transactions

  • Export/Import/Standby Letters of Credit

  • Trade Reimbursements

  • Trade Advisory Services

  • Technology Based Trade Products

  • Distribution of Trade Obligations

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